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Crypto Lending Program Bitconnect 

Looks good right? well it is, there is a lot of people bagging out on Bitconnect saying that because of it’s 1 percent payout on your investment paid daily it must be a scam or a Ponzi scheme however Bitconnect has been going strong since Nov 2016 if it were a Ponzi it probably would have collapsed by now infact the plateform has made millionaires just from holding the actual Bitconnect coin (BCC) itself, current price 1 BCC = $293.9557 the open price was $0.50.

Here is the interest rate over the last week. As you can see it is not exactly 1% per day as some people may have you think Bitconnect has been averaging 0.96% per day for the last 6 months

Let‘s talk about lending

With 100 usd you can earn your intial investment back within approx 100 days with their 0.96% average daily profit earnings, on top of that in 299 days you will receive your intial capital to put back into your pocket, so let’s break it down;

  1. 100 USD in lending
  2. Receive your investment back within approx 104 days (avg $0.96 per day profit)
  3. Approx every 11 days you can reinvest your earnings ($10.56) back into the lending platform minimum reinvest amount is $10 or wait around 44 days and withdraw your profit in Bitcoin the minimum withdraw amount is 0.005 BTC roughly 42.08 USD at time of writing
  4. Option to take your intitial capital out in 299 days or reivest to continue lending

5. In 299 days earn approx $287.04 with your intial $100 investment back in your pocket

Not bad ay! that is a 287.04% return on investment and it only took just over 3 months to earn your intial investment back in profit, the smart option here would be to reinvest your earnings after you have taken your capital out and returned it to your bank account. Now you have $100 earning you an average 0.96% daily with no risk.

Now let’s see what happens with a $1010 loan

  1. 1010 USD in lending
  2. Receive your investment back within approx 95 days (avg $10.70 per day profit)
  3. Every 4 days you can withdraw your earnings @ $42.80 over the 0.005BTC withdrawal threshold or the option to reinvest that profit daily @ $10.70 over the minimum reinvest threshold
  4. Option to take out your intial capital 239 days or reinvest, note the capital lock is shorter now (refer to the chart at the top of the page)

5. In 299 days earn approx $3201.09 with your intial $1010 investment back in your pocket assuming you reinvested your capital for a further 60 days after the 239 day capital release to make it total 299 days. (299 days used just for this example to compare the $100 investment)

Now your ROI is 316.94% (0.96+0.10 = 1.06%) average daily profit (refer to the chart at the top of the page). So for the last 204 days you have been making roughly $10.70 per day risk free after you have taken your intial investment out through profits which was only after about 95 days.


You see a lot of people will spend 100- $1000 per year on the lottery or at the casino, some each month with little to no results to me that is more of a scam than Bitconnect will ever be.

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