Crypto Lending Programs

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Top Two Cryptocurrency Lending Programs

  1. Bitconnect, if you haven’t already heard about this notorious¬†ambiguity to hit the crpto scene you can (read what I have to say about it here) which has been bringing in profits for thousands of members for over a year now.bitconnect lending review
  2. Chain Group, is interesting as they are like an escrow service to give you safer investing opportunity in cryptocurrency lending platforms they offer several trading companies such as Dragon Foundation, X-BOTS, Bitstrong, T.G Thomas these are some of the trading groups on Chain Group’s platform that you can choose to lend with. Chain Group is looking very promising for a safer crypto lending program alternative to some of the more shady lending platforms out indeed. Read more on Chain Group and why I think it can make for a good cryptocurrency investment strategy.

chain group escrow service

EDIT as of now i’m suggesting chain group is a scam don’t invest

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