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Binance Crypto Exchange

is binance legit

What is Binance exchange

Binance is a relatively new Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency exchange that is growing thanks to the asian market,¬†anyone¬†can sign up and trade on some of the best altcoins using BTC or ETH. If you’re looking just to get some altcoins that places like Coinbase do not offer and probably never will then just use your USD to Bitcoin or Ethereum exchange such as Coinbase or whatever your preferance is then send BTC or ETH to your Binance account and stock up while these Cryptocurrencies are still cheap.

Binance gives you the option to use their basic interface or advanced interface for trading it’s basically two differnent types of view with advanced view offering in-depth analysis. Anyone with basic knowledge of trading exchanges can use the binance interface quite comfortably.

No verification needed for level 1 account

  • Level 1; 24 hour withdraw limit: 2 BTC (no verification needed)
  • Level 2; 24 hour withdraw limit: 100 BTC
  • Level 3; 24 hour withdraw limit: Higher

Binance could became the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the wolrd eventually, if you’re trying to get an account on Bittrex at the moment then you will know that they have stopped new signups due to high volume they will lose a lot of customers to Binance and the Chinese market is trading on Binance as well as US citizens not being able to get verified elsewhere and not just for those reasons Binance also has the lowest fees of any exchange and it has one of the highest altcoin listings.

Binance Fees

Fee for deposit

  • Free

Fee for trading

  • 0.1% trading fee

Withdrawal Fees are standard to the blockchain and the coin itself at time of withdraw

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