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Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card Instantly with Changelly

changelly vs shapeshift

Changelly allows anyone to buy Bitcoin instantly or to swap between Cryptocurrencies

swap cryptocurrencies

Changelly is a link between you and the trading platforms Changelly is connected to several of the biggest crypto exchanges they essentially place the order at these exchanges at the best rates for you

Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoins

  • No signup process (just an email address required)
  • No need to use bid and ask orders
  • 0.5% commision fee
  • Ability to buy Cryptocurrency with a Credit Card
  • Send straight to your wallet
  • 2 Factor security

They have some impressive partners such as;

  • Jaxx
  • nem
  • Coinomi
  • Freewallet
  • CoinPayments

Changelly report to have a very high volume of traffic and over 500 thousand users including the American Bitcoin entrepreneur Charlie Shrem so they seem to be very reliable and trustworthy

What is

The main purpose of is to give users a quick way to change between Cryptocurrencies e.g if you have ETH and want to sell it to buy BTC Changelly will place those buy and sell orders for you on external exchanges making the trading process easy for anyone

The Changelly platform is really simple to use it’s designed for anyone to be able to buy and swap Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with ease

How to use Changelly

  1. Select what Cryptocurrency you want to exchange (sell) or use a Credit Card (USD/EURO)
  2. Select the Cryptocurrency you want to exchange it for (buy)
  3. Enter your wallet address
  4. Click next or continue

Using a Credit Card

how to use changelly

Swaping between Crypto (example below is ETH-BTC)

how to use changelly

You can change or buy virtually any cryptocurrency;

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Zcash
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Steem
  • Ether Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • FantomCoin
  • Steem Dollar
  • Synereo
  • Ardor
  • Basic Attention
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bytecoin
  • Bancor Network
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Decred
  • DigiByte
  • Expanse
  • GameCredits
  • Byteball
  • Golem
  • Guppy
  • Humaniq
  • LBRY Credits
  • Lisk
  • Lunyr
  • Monaco
  • Melon
  • Metal
  • Mysterium
  • NuBits
  • Neo
  • Gulden
  • Numeraire
  • Nxt
  • OmiseGo
  • TenXPay
  • PIVX
  • PotCoin
  • Patientory
  • Radium
  • Augur
  • Salt
  • SingularDTV
  • Status Network
  • Stellar- XLM
  • Stratis
  • Syscoin
  • Waves
  • DigitalNote
  • XEM (NEM)
  • Verge

changelly reviews

Start using Changelly now 


How To Use Bitconnect

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How to Buy Bitconnect Coin and How to Invest in Bitconnect

First off to start using Bitconnect you need to know how to buy Bitcoin, if you don’t already have Bitcoin you will need to buy Bitcoin similar to how you would buy stocks using an exchange where you can bid on the price or use the last price to buy at the current value or you can use sites such as Coinbase and CoinJar to buy instantly by depositing dollars and clicking Buy Bitcoin they make it more simple but at a premium.

First open an account and buy Bitcoin on an exchange such as

  • USA/Worldwide: Paxful, Coinbase (check supported countries first)
  • Australia: BTC Markets, CoinJar
  • Korea: Bithumb, Korbit

For the easiest way to buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card and to buy Bitcoins instantly I recommend

after you have some Bitcoin then you can send it to your Bitconnect account

  1. Sign up to Bitconnect
  2. Click deposit Bitcoin and send Bitcoin to that address from your exchange (these are now your funds to start using the platform not in dollars

Inside Bitconnect platform

how to use bitconnect

how to use bitconnect

Bitcoin to Bitconnect

  1. Use your funds (Bitcoin) to buy Bitconnect Coin (BCC)
  2. Go to your dashboard and click Lend Bitconnect
  3. Invest Bitconnect enter the dollar amount to lend it still uses Bitconnect Coin it just shows in USD to make it easier
  4. Click pay from Bitconnect wallet

how to buy bitconnect coin

how to invest in bitconnect

how to buy bitconnect coin

That’s it, seriously it sounds and looks like a lot but it isn’t and if you don’t put any effort in you will get nothing in return, if you want more- increase your effort if you want less decrease your effort. The best way to learn is by doing once you create an account and start using the platform you will understand it in no time.

Start using Bitconnect today

Read more on Bitconnect Lending




Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoins in Australia

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Australian Bitcoin Exchange Review- BTC Markets

australian bitcoin exchange review is one of the easiest Cryptocurrency exchanges to signup with in Australia it is also the best exchange to buy and sell with for the following reasons;

  • Accurate Cryptocurrency prices
  • Best prices for buying Cryptocurrency in Australia
  • Best prices for selling Cryptocurrency in Australia
  • Low 0.85% trading fee
  • High volume of users (Liquidity) quick trades
  • Realtime pricing charts

bitcoin exchange australia

If you are looking for the best way to buy bitcoins in Australia BTC Markets offer;

  • Australia post crypto use BPAY to load funds to your BTC Markets account
  • Poli Payments
  • Buy Cryptocurrencies just like you would on the stock market minus the broker
  • Buy- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ripple
  • Deposit- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Bcash
  • Withdraw AUD straight to your bank account
  • Store your Cryptocurrency on their platform safely

The platform may look confusing at first but it’s pretty much like most stock trading platforms with the layout and charting, BTC Markets offers the best rates for buying and selling Cryptocurrency in Australia in my opinion and being able to add funds with BPAY is really good it’s safe and convenient.

Create a BTC Markets account

Read about one of the best crypto lending programs to have your money work for you


Crypto Lending Programs

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Top Two Cryptocurrency Lending Programs

  1. Bitconnect, if you haven’t already heard about this notorious ambiguity to hit the crpto scene you can (read what I have to say about it here) which has been bringing in profits for thousands of members for over a year now.bitconnect lending review
  2. Chain Group, is interesting as they are like an escrow service to give you safer investing opportunity in cryptocurrency lending platforms they offer several trading companies such as Dragon Foundation, X-BOTS, Bitstrong, T.G Thomas these are some of the trading groups on Chain Group’s platform that you can choose to lend with. Chain Group is looking very promising for a safer crypto lending program alternative to some of the more shady lending platforms out indeed. Read more on Chain Group and why I think it can make for a good cryptocurrency investment strategy.

chain group escrow service

EDIT as of now i’m suggesting chain group is a scam don’t invest


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Crypto Lending Program Bitconnect 

Looks good right? well it is, there is a lot of people bagging out on Bitconnect saying that because of it’s 1 percent payout on your investment paid daily it must be a scam or a Ponzi scheme however Bitconnect has been going strong since Nov 2016 if it were a Ponzi it probably would have collapsed by now infact the plateform has made millionaires just from holding the actual Bitconnect coin (BCC) itself, current price 1 BCC = $293.9557 the open price was $0.50.

Here is the interest rate over the last week. As you can see it is not exactly 1% per day as some people may have you think Bitconnect has been averaging 0.96% per day for the last 6 months

Let‘s talk about lending

With 100 usd you can earn your intial investment back within approx 100 days with their 0.96% average daily profit earnings, on top of that in 299 days you will receive your intial capital to put back into your pocket, so let’s break it down;

  1. 100 USD in lending
  2. Receive your investment back within approx 104 days (avg $0.96 per day profit)
  3. Approx every 11 days you can reinvest your earnings ($10.56) back into the lending platform minimum reinvest amount is $10 or wait around 44 days and withdraw your profit in Bitcoin the minimum withdraw amount is 0.005 BTC roughly 42.08 USD at time of writing
  4. Option to take your intitial capital out in 299 days or reivest to continue lending

5. In 299 days earn approx $287.04 with your intial $100 investment back in your pocket

Not bad ay! that is a 287.04% return on investment and it only took just over 3 months to earn your intial investment back in profit, the smart option here would be to reinvest your earnings after you have taken your capital out and returned it to your bank account. Now you have $100 earning you an average 0.96% daily with no risk.

Now let’s see what happens with a $1010 loan

  1. 1010 USD in lending
  2. Receive your investment back within approx 95 days (avg $10.70 per day profit)
  3. Every 4 days you can withdraw your earnings @ $42.80 over the 0.005BTC withdrawal threshold or the option to reinvest that profit daily @ $10.70 over the minimum reinvest threshold
  4. Option to take out your intial capital 239 days or reinvest, note the capital lock is shorter now (refer to the chart at the top of the page)

5. In 299 days earn approx $3201.09 with your intial $1010 investment back in your pocket assuming you reinvested your capital for a further 60 days after the 239 day capital release to make it total 299 days. (299 days used just for this example to compare the $100 investment)

Now your ROI is 316.94% (0.96+0.10 = 1.06%) average daily profit (refer to the chart at the top of the page). So for the last 204 days you have been making roughly $10.70 per day risk free after you have taken your intial investment out through profits which was only after about 95 days.


You see a lot of people will spend 100- $1000 per year on the lottery or at the casino, some each month with little to no results to me that is more of a scam than Bitconnect will ever be.

is bitconnect halal

Try Bitconnect Lending